25% to 60% OFFBRIGHTS (or Chisel Blender) short

Bright brushes, Flat brushes (or Shader brushes), and Stroke Brushes. All flat paint brushes: just different lengths. Sable flat brushes should have a crisp sharp edge and sharp corners. Flat brushes are used for covering large areas, flat strokes as well as blending. Bright paint brushes, (also referred to as Chisel Blenders) the shortest flat brushes give you the most control. Flat paint brushes, (also referred to as Shaders) are the middle length flat brush are used for coverage as well as blending. Stroke paint brushes, the longest flat brush carries more paint therefore can create longer strokes.

Menta™ Series 78 brushes are ideal for use with acrylics. Featuring synthetic sable filaments, these brushes are known for their ability to retain their shape over time and are less prone to breaking than natural sable. Each brush in this collection features a gorgeous teal colored acrylic handle that won't crack or swell in water.